Church Mobilisation

Church mobilization is vital to JSK.  

Since its inception, Jeevan Sahara has sought to get local worshipping groups involved in reaching out and loving their neighbours.  

The JSK staff conduct regular trainings in HIV care to equip local churches to put their love into action with people infected with HIV.   The JSK team also seeks to visit churches and share about the work and what God’s heart for people with HIV is.


JSK has developed a 4 day training programme to equip local church members to care for people with HIV.  We normally run this programme on alternative Saturdays to so that the maximum number of people can participate. 


Our belief is that any one can be used to help people with HIV.  Towards this, Jeevan Sahara encourages churches to visit people with HIV in their homes and share love. 


One way that churches can put their love into practice is through the “Hand-full of Rice” nutritional support programme where church families share their food with people who have HIV and need food.


The idea is that when a family cooks their meal, that they will set apart a hand-full of rice (and/or dal, maida whatever) from their food – and pray for a family with HIV while they do so. The food is then shared with the families in need.


JSK is convinced that God’s people need to move forward and welcome people with HIV – we seek to encourage churches to become places where people with HIV are loved.  JSK has worked with churches in the past to run HIV testing camps with them – and is open to future camps too! 


Please contact us if you are a church or prayer group who seeks to know how to help people with HIV/AIDS!


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