Youth Against Aids


Youth Against AIDS. Young people are the future – and also the place where HIV continues to spread the most. Jeevan Sahara Kendra wants to help prevent HIV among young people. We are convinced that work among young people has to be done by young people themselves.


As part of the Youth Against AIDS Initiative we in the past run three successful Youth Against AIDS Festivals where young people have gathered for action-packed times of great music, stirring stories, drama, fun and film – all focused around the idea of making responsible choices and living a life that is free of AIDS in a world that says its not possible.


One of the outcomes of the YAA festivals have been a series of YAA clubs.  These clubs are are 12 session adolescent encounter clubs which church youth groups can run to help young people make realistic and long-lasting changes in their lives.


Using the ‘Barthe Kadam’ curriculum, these clubs are wonderful opportunities to build trust and create a warm environment where young people can ask hard questions and get real answers.


Currently the main YAA Activities are the special YAA Days of Service that JSK has been able to facilitate.  At the Day of Service young people from different church youth groups gather in the morning for a challenge and orientation before fanning out in groups of 3-4 each to spend a day with a family with HIV.  The young people help out in home chores, cook and eat with the family, and spend time getting to know these dear friends – and are themselves changed in the process!


For more information on YAA please click here:

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