How many of you have heard the phrase “Don’t take it personally, It’s just business”?


When Santosh’s friends came to see him after he was admitted to our centre, one of them fainted when they saw him. He was paralised down one side, and couldn’t talk properly, and had lost a huge amount of weight. Not a good situation for a husband and father to be in.


Santosh’s 2 business partners saw him, and were so supportive that I was quite reassured in my heart that the human spirit is at its core good. However no sooner had they left our clinic than they wrote Santosh out of their business. They didn’t want any legal challenges to the ownership of their company after his death.


After many obstacles and difficulties, 9 months later Santosh was in reasonably good health, and took a bank loan to start his own business, right next door to his old partners. Before long they were referring Santosh jobs that they couldn’t handle. He was the one that knew the business well!


This story tought me that nothing in life is “Just business”. In the story of Ashish I spoke of receiving rewards in heaven, and seeing the smiling faces of those we have helped when we meet our maker. Unfortunately I expect the converse is also true, and each of us will probably also have to answer for the things we have done that hurt others, or even for the times we could have done something but didn’t.


I realize that I am woefully inadequate to pass through “Judgement” by my own efforts. “Thank God” that Jesus has already paid for my inadequacies.


Dr. Adam Black served with JSK as a volunteer from 2005-2008


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