Mrs. Hilika

Mrs. Hilika is a 35 year old woman. Her husband died 10yrs back. Her daughter is 13yrs and studying in 8th std. When she came to JSK she was undergoing burning sensations and was very depressed. Her immunity was also very low with her CD4 count only 122. At JSK Dr. Sheba suggested she start her Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) from a government hospital. Since Mrs. Hilika had never been to this hospital and was afraid to go, one of JSK staff went with her to hospital to help her begin her medication. After few a days Mrs. Hilika developed reactions to the ART with skin rashes and bouts of forgetfulness. JSK staff brought her to Dr. Sheba who changed her ART medicine, which then was tolerated by Mrs. Hilika. Meanwhile Mr. Hilika lost her job and got into incessant quarrels with her mother-in-law. During these days, JSK staff visited her and counselled her. Mrs. Hilika openly shared all the struggles she was going through and we helped her to overcome this situation. Day by day changes began to happen in her life, she gained greater comfort and spiritual satisfaction and now lives with hope for her life.

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  1. russell says:

    God bless u

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