Babulnath has been very sick for many months. He and his father came from UP to Mumbai for work.  He has two children and a wife in the village, but they could not join him because of lack of place to stay.  Babulnath and his father live in the workshop where they work as artisans.  After few months of staying in Mumbai, Babulnath fell sick. His father took him to a hospital, where he got the shocking report that is Babulnath is HIV +ive. All his hope and dreams were washed away. Life seemed hopeless to him.  At this time, he came in contact with JSK.   JSK staff encouraged him and give counseling to him to take ART. Because of the sickness Babulnath was not to continue his job, so that he lost it. But after starting ART he became well and he went to village. After few months he come back with his family and started working some places.  Again he fell sick. Through the counseling he started medication and he is feeling better. Through the help of some church believers Babulnath was able to get a small room on rent. Babulnath was very happy to live with his family in this place and grateful to the church members who helped him so generously.

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