Babita and Tarun

Babita and Tarun are an HIV positive couple. She is 28 and he is 38 and they are parenting a 9 year old and a 5 years old daughter. A third child passed away 5 months after birth. At present Babita is expecting her 4th child. She has had a hard life and in her anger and frustration wanted to abort the baby. At this time she came in contact with JSK staff, and was deeply troubled and suicidal because of the family problems she was having along with her HIV, The staff counseled and encouraged her, and with much prayer and encouragement she agreed to visit JSK. Tarun works on a daily wages and does not have a permanent Job. One night things were so bad she doused kerosene on her and tried to light it. The JSK staff spent time with her helping her understand she was precious. They helped her register her delivery at a govt. hospital. In this process, they found that Babita’s haeomglobin was very low (anaemic) and her weight was only 38 kg, making the delivery a high-risk one. At the beginning, whenever JSK staff visited her they found out her husband alcoholic and usually not sober enough to talk. But somehow on one of the visits the JSK staff was able to talk to Tarun. They told him about the situation and encouraged him to support his wife in this difficult time, or it will affect the baby. We have seen significant change in this family as Tarun now takes much more care of Babita. Babita is now in her seven month of the pregnancy. She has started going to near-by fellowship for prayers as a family, and there is a significant amount of improvement in their own relationship by the grace of God.


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