UBS Interns

As a part of the Bachelor of Divinity curriculum, students from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune  have traditionally had a 7 months practical ministry (internship). Since 2005, each year UBS students come to JSK for their internship. They stay with us and work hand in hand with JSK Team, participating in all areas of JSK. In 2012 the curriculum changed and interns are now coming to serve at JSK for 2 months at a time. These are our friends from UBS who have served with us.

Bendang Chuba Bendang Chuba Jamir sfrom Nagaland – 2005Graduated in March 2007
Jaiprakash Chaohan Jaiprakash Chowhan from Chattisgarh – 2005Graduated in March 2007
Arun dimple Arun Dimple from Punjab – 2006Graduated in March 2008
Ebenezer Dip Ebenezer Dip from Orissa – 2006Graduated in March 2008
Pyn Shullai Pyn Shullai from Meghalaya – 2007Graduated in March 2009
Jacob Darlong Jacob Darlong from Tripura – 2007Graduated in March 2009
Leroy Varghese Leroy Sam Varghese (Kerala) 2008Graduated in March 2010
Akshaydeep Kakade Akshaydeep Kakade (Maharastra) 2008Graduated in March 2010
R. Silvanus R. Silvanus  (Tamil Nadu) 2008Graduated in March 2010
john B. John Jebaseelan from Tamil Nadu – 2009Graduated 2011
biso Binson v. James From Kerela – 2009Graduated 2011.
ashis Ashis karthak from Darjeeling (W.B) – 2009Graduated 2011


Naveen R. Bhambal from Maharashtra – 2010Graduated 2012
Paokholun “Lun” Haokip from Manipur – 2010Graduated 2012
Nimit Patel from Gujarat – 2010Graduated 2012
Priscilla P. from Andhra Pradesh – 2010Graduated 2012
   Ngamcha Haokip from Manipur – 2011Graduated 2013
   Ezra Pamei from Manipur – 2011Graduated 2013
   Amol Torde from Maharashtra – 2011Graduated 2013
??????????  Moses Prabhakar from Maharashtra – 2011
Diloupao Pamei  Dilou Pamei from Manipur – 2012 (1st batch)
Limchung RK  Limchung R.K. from Manipur – 2012 (1st batch)
Renny K. Cherian  Renny K Cherian from Kerala – 2012 (1st batch)
Shibin Phillip  Shibin Phillip from Kerala – 2012 (1st batch)
Richard - small  Richard Rosiemlien from Manipur – 2012 (2nd batch)
John - small  John C. Varte from Manipur – 2012 (2nd batch)
Sanjiv - small  Sanjay Pillai from Maharashtra – 2012 (2nd batch)
Denny Sam Jacob  Denny Sam Jacob from Kerala – 2013
Jobel E Chacko  Jobel E. Chacko from Kerala – 2013
 Jim Reeves Magh  Jim Reeves Magh from Nagaland – 2013
 Interns Batch 2014 – yet to come – watch this space!

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