Light a flame – shine a light

Life is tough.  And then there is the issue of HIV.

Many of us are afraid to face the truth.  Others of us have a loved one who we think may have HIV.  Most of us don’t know what to do…

A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step.   Its the same with any difficult problem.  Until we make a first step we will never see it solved.  Just closing our eyes does not help – in fact it only makes it worse.

Yesterday a man came to Jeevan Sahara Kendra with severe psychiatric problems.  He had been suffering with headaches for a month.  His wife and he knew that they were HIV positive.  But they did not tell anyone for years – because they were too afraid about what others will think.  Now this dear man needs urgent hospitalisation and an MRI scan to find out what is causing the severe problems he is facing.  All this could have been avoided by getting treatment at the right time.  There is still hope for this man – but it is harder to treat him now than it would have been a month ago.

How about you?  Are you scared about whether you may have HIV?  Are you worried about a loved one or a friend who you think may have it?

Tell someone else.  Its not easy, but its necessary.  We can’t go through this alone.  We need each other.  Pray and talk to God.  Get strength to carry you through the difficult times.

But don’t stay silent.  Get up and get an HIV blood test.  Knowing whether you or your loved one has HIV or not makes a huge difference.

If you or the ones you love do not have HIV – then you can move forward and work on ways of not getting exposed again.

If you are HIV positive – or have someone you love who is – then there are real ways that help.  HIV is not an ‘untreatable’ disease.  There are many good ways that we can use medications and other ways to treat the disease.  Like diabetes and some other illnesses – HIV/AIDS is a chronic ‘life-long’ disease – but we can make a huge difference.  You can contact your nearest Govt. ART centre for more guidance.  Or come to us at Jeevan Sahara Kendra if you live here in Thane.

It all depends on you.

Are you willing to act? To light a flame?  To shine a light?

One Response to Light a flame – shine a light

  1. Annie Watson says:

    Dear JSK Team, Much impressed with JSK’s ministry among the HIV&AIDS. God’s abundant blessing be with you all, and use YOU for the glory of GOD.

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