We make many choices in life.

One of the most important choice is actually a whole lot of choices that are related to our married life.

I bring to my life-partner the sum total of the choices that I have made till now.  My life-partner brings with her another set of choices that she has made.  Now we are linking our lives together.  Now we are linking our pasts together into the present – and the future.

Many of us will have made decisions that we are not proud about.  Many of us will have been in situations that we would rather have not entered.  Many of us have memories that are not happy – ones that we wish would go away…

As young people life can be confusing at times.  As not-so-young people life can also be quite confusing too.

Here are some things that we can do when we are confused:

1.  Take a deep breath and stop and think.

2.  Talk to someone whom you can trust.  Be honest about what is going on.

3.  Pray.  God is interested in what is happening.  Ask Him for help.  He hears you.

4.  Don’t be shy to seek help.  There are people who are trained as counsellors and advisors to assist you.


Here is one important question to ask yourself if you are planning to get married.  It is one that we at Jeevan Sahara Kendra have a lot of experience with:

If you have been sexually active before your marriage – have you been tested for HIV?

Testing is quite scary to many people – but its very important to know the truth.  Especially since you are now going to be united with your life-partner.   There are many things that we may have wished that we had not done.  There are probably areas of our lives that we wish that we had made better choices in.  Well, the past is over.  But now the choice is ours about how to live from now on.

At Jeevan Sahara we want to help you as much as possible.   Call us up for an appointment to talk.  We are here for you.

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