Learning by doing

Take a look at the photo.  Who in this picture has made a difference by helping serve people with HIV in the last month?

Answer:  Each person.

Question No. 2:  Who of all of these gentlemen is a full time staff at JSK?

Answer:  Only Rahul Mohite (on the right hand in the yellow shirt).

We at JSK have been very blessed with some excellent interns over the past few months.  At one time we had 7 dear friends working along with our staff team.  This has allowed us to things that we normally cannot do – and has been a great help and encouragement to our staff.

For the past 5 years we have had interns from the Union Biblical Seminary in Pune who come and serve with us for 7 months of practical training.  This year we also hosted 2 final year MSW students for their block placements.  Over the years Jeevan Sahara has hosted students for practical service opportunities serving people with HIV.  The interns join our staff in the home visits, help organise JSK programmes, and participate along with our staff in as many ways as possible.

As much was we apprecitate the hands-on help that each of our intern friends have given to the work at Jeevan Sahara – we know that something deep is going on.  Each one of our intern friends is building a capacity to serve people with HIV in the future.  We have past Interns now serving all over India in different situations – and know that God is going to use this current crop to do amazing things in the future!


One Response to Learning by doing

  1. Fred and Karen Kay Perry says:

    We are truly grateful for this very informative wed site and ‘all’ that everyone is sacrificing to truly encourage the public to investigate their physical condition and when they come to the centre also witness the ‘love of Christ’ in action through you all.

    Our prayers are with you as you minister to many.

    Grace, Peace and wisdom go with you,
    fred and karen kay perry

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