January 11, 2010

Your in a pit.  Things are pretty grim.  Everything that you have tried just doesn’t seem to work.

A thousand voices seem to be buzzing around in your head.

What will happen to me?  Why is all this going on?

One thing is for sure.

We all need help.

Life is pretty tough – and most of us have made mistakes.  Some of them are really big ones!

None of us can get through things alone.

We need others.  We need help.

At Jeevan Sahara Kendra we are a family of simple people who have hope.  Hope in God.  Hope in each other.  Hope in seeing very difficult situations change.

We don’t have magic cures.

We don’t have easy answers.

But we do have hope.

Real answers for real questions.

Over the last 7 years of working with people with HIV and their families in Thane, we have seen some very difficult situations.  We have cried with many a family as we worked with them through their personal tragedies.

But we have also seen amazing transformations.  Changes in situations where it seemed no hope was possible.

Please contact us and let us be part of your story.

We are here to help you and your loved ones.  But you have to make the first step!  We look forward to hearing from you!