World AIDS Day – every day!

AIDS  ribbonWe have just entered November.  For those of us who care about people with HIV, this means a month of preparation towards Dec. 1st – World AIDS Day.


Around the world, people remember those who are living with HIV/AIDS – and take time to remember those who have died of AIDS – on World AIDS Day.  Its a sober time, a time of reflection, a time to think and pray and review what we are doing personally to make a difference in the world-wide challenge to overcome the ravages of the disease.


Fam_220x146For us at Jeevan Sahara Kendra, every day is World AIDS Day.  Every day we meet people who have HIV.  And encouragingly, we are seeing people live longer and fuller lives than ever before.  HIV is a disease.  Its harsh at times, but it can be fought.  With a little help from family and friends and with a lot of help from our loving Father God – we know that we can see real victories.

What are you doing about HIV?





Do you want to do something with us?  Do you want to see a different Thane city – a city which actually cares for people with HIV/AIDS living here?

Contact us at 9321112065 and lets see what we can do together!



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