World AIDS Day 2009

November 30, 2009

HIV/AIDS is a big problem – so big that many people are afraid to even say the word.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can all make a difference.  It may seem small, like lighting a candle on a dark night.  But when the candles are all put together….

Jeevan Sahara Kendra looks after people with HIV/AIDS every day.  For us, every day is World AIDS Day.  But tomorrow – on the 1st of December we will be reaching out in a special way to spread the message a little further.

Our small team will split up into mini-teams to participate in the following events:

1. The AIDS Rally in Thane city organised by the Thane District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit.  The rally is to start at the Thane Civil Hospital and end up at the Gadkari Rangathan at Talao Pali.  We will be hosting a small stall at this venue too.

2. Throughout the morning three of our mini-teams will fan out to do outreach to Auto-rickshaw drivers to tell them about the HIV counselling and testing services that we have at JSK and that are available at the Thane Civil Hospital.

3. One team will conduct two HIV/AIDS awareness programmes for employees of a corporate house in Worli

4. Another team will hold an HIV/AIDS awareness programme for the parents of a balwadi programme in Thane

5. In the afternoon, three teams will meet people with HIV in the homes – through our on-going confidential visits to assess their health and supervise their medications.

6. In the morning, Dr. Sheba and the centre team will be  meeting people with HIV who come for checkups and follow-up on treatment at our JSK centre.

7.  Our counselling team will be meeting people who may have HIV who will come to our centre for counselling and testing at the JSK Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre.

At the end of the day – we know that the problems of HIV/AIDS will still be there.  But we also know that we will have lessened it to at least a small extent.  You can too!

World AIDS Day – every day!

November 3, 2009

AIDS  ribbonWe have just entered November.  For those of us who care about people with HIV, this means a month of preparation towards Dec. 1st – World AIDS Day.


Around the world, people remember those who are living with HIV/AIDS – and take time to remember those who have died of AIDS – on World AIDS Day.  Its a sober time, a time of reflection, a time to think and pray and review what we are doing personally to make a difference in the world-wide challenge to overcome the ravages of the disease.


Fam_220x146For us at Jeevan Sahara Kendra, every day is World AIDS Day.  Every day we meet people who have HIV.  And encouragingly, we are seeing people live longer and fuller lives than ever before.  HIV is a disease.  Its harsh at times, but it can be fought.  With a little help from family and friends and with a lot of help from our loving Father God – we know that we can see real victories.

What are you doing about HIV?





Do you want to do something with us?  Do you want to see a different Thane city – a city which actually cares for people with HIV/AIDS living here?

Contact us at 9321112065 and lets see what we can do together!