New hands to serve! A new heart to share…

One of the great things about the Jeevan Sahara Kendra family is that we have people from almost every part of India.

HIV affects every community, every caste, every economic group.  And in Thane city, besides our many Marathi brothers and sisters with HIV, we also meet people from all over our country – who are living and working here – and who are HIV positive.

We are glad to have staff from Maharashtra, UP, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Orissa.  Currently we also have UBS interns from W. Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Our family just got a little bigger – JSK is happy to announce the joining of Sasmita Rani Aind .  Sasmita is a are nurses and has joined us as an answers to prayers – all the way from Orissa.  She has helped bring our nursing strength up to speed and we are now able to admit sick people with HIV again for curative care.  Besides her training and experience – Sasmita also brings her caring hands and tender heart.

Welcome aboard!


Post script:  November 2009

Sadly, we also have to report that another nurse who came with Sasmita and promised to work with us has gone back on her word and returned to her home in Orissa.  At JSK we have a sad little list of people who say “Praise the Lord” and give commitments to serve but then go back on their promises.  While we wish them well in future endeavours we know that true prosperity is based on integrity.   In the meantime, we have fixed our eyes to continue to face the challenges of caring for people with HIV.



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