Medications save lives!

So you have HIV.  Or someone you know has it.

Its hard.  And scary.

A lot of people just lose hope.  They have heard that “AIDS is incurable.”

Well here is the truth of the matter: we still don’t have a ‘gold-standard’ cure for HIV.  That means we don’t have a course of medication – like we do for malaria and TB – which you take for a certain period of time and then you can stop it because the virus has been completely defeated.

But what we do have is real medicines that really help.  They are called Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART)  Medications and are available free of cost from the Government ART centres in Maharasthra (and a number of other states too).  These medications need to be taken life-long, every day and without missing doses.

But the benefits are huge.  We have over 100 friends who are HIV positive and are taking ART.   Taking ART helps rebuild immune-systems that HIV has damaged.  As the immune system recovers, people get ill less often.  They are able to work and continue with other parts of their lives.

We are so grateful to God that our government is providing these medications.  It has made such a difference for so many.

If you have HIV, don’t try and ignore it.  Find out what your health status is now.  See what your CD4 level is.  You may need to start on ART in order for you to live longer and better – even if you don’t have other illnesses at this point.   If you have a friend or loved one with HIV, make sure that they get examined and started on appropriate treatment if they need it.

The only time HIV is completely incurable is after a person has died.  Find out about the medications – and start using them at the right time!


If you have any questions about ART, please contact us.  All inquiries will be treated confidentialy of course!


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