An end

body-being-carried-away3 Yesterday our staff tried to admit her at the government teaching hospital in Kalwa.

She does need admission they said and refused to take her.

We looked after her during the night.  She had a terrible set of ulcers in her legs – all infected and pus-filled – which her daughter and young son were looking after.  Her whole body was swollen up.  She had difficulty breathing.

If there was anyone who needed in-patient care, it was this HIV positive lady who was in such distress.

With the little that we could do, we nursed her through the night.

This morning she died at a little after 10 AM.

Once again, our public health system has failed us.  It is so disheartening to see so many who do not get care – and care in time.

Join us in praying for a difference – for love and respect for people with HIV from the medical fraternity – and from each one of us.  We can each help and make a difference – by meeting and being with people with HIV, by helping out in practical ways, by spreading the word that people with HIV need love, not fear.  Acceptance not rejection.  A helping hand, not a push-off.

The lady who died this morning is gone.  She will not come back to us in this life.  But many others like her are still alive – living with HIV.  Lets make sure they do not end this way!

Jesus said we should love our neighbours as we love ourselves.   None of us would like to come to the end of our life in this way – lets make sure it doesn’t happen to others too.  Time to put love into action!


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