A telephone call

The man on the phone wanted to talk.

He was a young man and had a good job. A few of his friends took him and they had some drinks. Then they went to the red light area in Mumbai. Along with his friends the young man had sex with a prostitute there.

Now he is going to get married. The date has been fixed. But in his mind is fear. Does he have HIV?

He agreed to come to Jeevan Sahara for counselling. Dr. Sheba met with the young man. She explained the risks that he had taken. She explained that it would be good to test for HIV – but that since the risk exposure was recent that we would do one test now and one in 3 months.

We got a call recently from this young man. His second test has come back negative. But he did it at 2 months and wants to get married now….

In a world where almost every film and every other TV show tells us that sexual fulfillment is the only way forward (and that too not with a loving long-term wedded partner – but by ‘playing the field’) we are see so many who take the long-term risk of getting HIV in exchange for a night of pleasure.

JSK is currently involved in over 200 people living with HIV in Thane. Each one is precious. Almost all have the disease because they or someone they trusted were sexually active outside the marriage relationship. Lets not let it go any further.

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.


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