Positive Friends Retreat

September 5, 2008

Do you ever want to ‘retreat’ – to be in a peaceful place – where you can think and learn and reflect and be fed?  We all do – and were recently able to bless many of our Positive Friends by organising a 3 day retreat in Mira Road.

The time was filled with fellowship, input sessions (like the one above being conducted by Dr. Sheba), games, songs, art, food, prayer, personal ministry, time with children…

And so we came to the end of 3 wonderful days of being together – with the majority of the 62 of us HIV positive. Each person was blessed in some way – big or small – and challenged to be a blessing to others.

We are very grateful for bro. John Forbes who lovingly led us in 3 key sessions at this retreat for HIV Positive People of Faith.  John poured himself into all of us – and had just come to us from the US and a very stressful number of months. But here he was with the JSK staff and our many positive friends – and being a blessing to all of us – just like retreat theme Blessed to be a Blessing urged us to.

It would not be exaggerating to say that for some of the ladies this was the most comfortable and relaxing time that they have ever had. What a blessing to serve these dear ones in the various ways. Our hope is that all of us will be able to do what John urged us to in his final session – to bloom where we are planted – understanding that God himself has chosen us, loves us very much, and has placed us in contact with specific others who he wants to touch through us. That’s where we want to see all of us moving into – HIV positive as well as HIV negative – to making a real difference through our lives.