Light a candle

For a person who has HIV – life can seem absolutely dark.

At Jeevan Sahara Kendra – that’s something we understand because we meet people every day who are living with HIV/AIDS.

But we also know that however dark it may be – there is always hope.

Hope that change is possible.  Hope that the trauma and fear that HIV bring to so many will be replaced by peace and courage.  Hope that the inner darkness that so many struggle with will go away as lights are lit.

Join us in making this possible.  Will you visit a family?  Will you spend time to listen to the pain?  Will you pray with a person who has lost so much?  Will you share some of the food that you are blessed with – to make it possible for a widow with HIV to look after her children?  

We know plenty of people who can be helped by your lighting a candle in their lives.  Here in Thane we are in touch will over a 100 families.   If you live outside Thane, we can put you in touch with folks who have HIV in almost every part of the greater Mumbai area.

Light a candle.  Do it now.  Drive a little bit more of the darkness away.


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